Whole House Fan

2Do you want to lower Energy usage or lower Air Conditioning bills?

Installing a whole house fan can certainly assist you in lowering both your energy usage and lowering those high monthly cooling bills. Let “Local Fan Pros“, help you with all of your required whole house fans installations, repairs and service.

Whole House Fans- Are a type of fan installed in a home’s ceiling, they are designed to pull hot air out of the home. Most whole house fans force the air into the attic space. This causes a positive pressure in the attic, forcing air out through the roof vents, while at the same time producing a negative pressure inside the living areas, which draws cool air in through open windows.

A whole house fan is a primary natural cooling device that can significantly enhance, reduce or even eliminate the need for ‘manufactured’ cool air. Consuming far less energy than air conditioning, a whole house fan can significantly lower the temperature in a building very quickly.

Serving the community over a decade with experience and responsibility. The benefits of using a whole house fan?

  • You will save a substantial amount on home cooling energy costs.
  • You will greatly reduce Co2 emissions, making this an environmentally friendly choice to cooling your home.
  • Your whole house fan runs without releasing harmful refrigerants into the atmosphere.
  • You will experience improved indoor air quality with better ventilation and breathing in fresh air straight from Mother Nature.

Usually mounted on the (hallway) ceiling/attic floor, these fans are quiet and energy efficient. These units are insulated and sealed to prevent drafts and heat loss when not in use. The grille attaches to the ceiling below for a clean finish.

Why choose us?

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If you decide to schedule an appointment our whole house fan installer will come to your home, climb in the attic and verify your attic ventilation. He will also find a good location for the system to be installed. We are licensed, insured and bonded. Our electricians are certified, qualified and courteous. We offer reasonable rates and quick service with a modern fleet of trucks.

We can retrofit a whole house fan into almost any home, and you’ll see a return on your investment quickly. Call us today at (480) 435-9731 to schedule your consultation and see if a whole house fan is right for you. Same day installation available!